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Reading in 2018

January 7, 2018


Last year, I compiled a 2017 must read / reread list. I placed the books in alphabetical order by the author. Some books had been recommended by others, some are books that I have previously enjoyed, some are books that I need to read for work (The Graphic Novel Book Club.) and some are ones that have called out to me.

My goal was to try to read 50 books including graphic novels in 2017. I failed.

My goal for 2018 is 26 books and 52 graphic novels. I intend to make time to read daily.


  1. Maya Angelou – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  2. Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything
  3. Michael Chabon – The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  4. Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
  5. Neal Cassady – The First Third
  6. Joan Didion – The Year of Magical Thinking
  7. Karl Fulves – Self-Working Number Magic
  8. Karl Fulves – Self-Working Card Magic
  9. Lev Grossman – The Magicians
  10. Glen David Gold – Carter Beats the Devil
  11. Ken Grimwood – Replay
  12. Martin Gardner – Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles
  13. Michael Godden – Ideas From Another Planet
  14. James Gleick – Time Travel
  15. Robert Heinlein – The Door into Summer
  16. Stephen King – The Green Mile
  17. Jan Kerouac – Baby driver
  18. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
  19. Bob Longe – World’s Best Card Tricks
  20. Yukio Mishima – Spring Snow
  21. David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas
  22. Cormac McCarthy – The Road
  23. Tim Powers – The Anubis Gates
  24. Steven Pinker – How the Mind Works
  25. Rob Ritchie – Orphans of Winter
  26. Barrie Richardson – Act Two
  27. John Scalz – Redshirts
  28. Jim Steinmeyer – Hiding the Elephant
  29. Richard Thomas – Trail of the Griffon
  30. Krista Tippett – Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living
  31. Jeannette Walls – The Glass Castle

I will continue to use Goodreads…

2018 Resolutions

January 1, 2018


  1. Write weekly (Creative writing, not work or blog related)
  2. Work on my health
  3. Walk Ginny more
  4. Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland
  5. Travel to Chiapas Mexico and maybe Guatemala
  6. Taste 12 new whiskies
  7. Study magic at least two hours each week
  8. Stay curious
  9. Spend more time with family and friends
  10. See the Eagles in concert
  11. Read daily from an actual book
  12. Read 26 books this year
  13. Read 52 graphic novels this year
  14. Play more games
  15. Play basketball regularly
  16. Make more magic happen in my life.
  17. Make at least one blog post a week
  18. Set monthly goal to learn somrthing new
  19. Keep working on / for change
  20. Host a Scotch tasting
  21. Help others
  22. Go to the Shaw Festival with Ben and Emily
  23. Go to Summerfolk
  24. Go on a writing retreat
  25. Enjoy Colin Mochrie with Emily
  26. Eat a vegetarian dinner at least once a week
  27. Be thankful
  28. Attend one or two meetings of the KWSWL
  29. Attend at least 12 local live musical events
  30. Accomplish a variety of work goals