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Frequently Asked Questions

July 1, 2016


How long is the trip?  I am leaving on July 5th. I am going with family members to a Blue Jays game on July 27th. The plan is to travel as far west as I can in the available time and then fly back to Ontario.

Do you really think that you will make it to Vancouver? I am depending on the kindness of strangers. I am looking forward to each day of this social experiment. I have a few reasons to be confident:

  1. I hitchhiked to B.C. in 1986 and everything worked out.
  2. Social media could make it easier. For example, I signed up for couch surfing.
  3. It worked for Hitchbot (The Canadian part of his trip anyway.)

What is your plan? Get up in the morning. Get to Springmount and then start hitchhiking. Hopefully, I will be in Tobermory before to long. Then head to Sault Ste. Marie and then keep heading west.

Doesn’t the trip frighten you? To be honest, yes, some. BUT, I believe that it will work out. I like the experiential learning that I will gain. I am nervous, but also quite excited about the adventure ahead.

What does your wife think about the trip? Emily just smiles. She isn’t a fan, but she is supportive. I am very fortunate to have such an understanding partner. I expect you’ll see some humorous comments from her, my kids and some of my friends from time to time.

Is there a great purpose for this trip? Nope, just a desire to experience the road, meet people and have some (safe) adventures.

Are you camping? I have a sleeping bag, but no tent. Some friends have offered places a long the way. I have my hostel and couchsurfing memberships so I will use them when I can. If you have a spare bed or floor, please let me know.

What music are you playing? I will be listening to local radio and CBC as I travel. I have been looking for music suggestions. I will probably post some updates as the trip continues.

What are you reading? I just downloaded Dragonfly in Amber by Diane Gabaldon from the library’s overdrive service. It is the second book in her Outlander series. I have some digital comics to read as well. I will keep up on the news. I have one of the magic books by Fulves as well.

Do you have an itinerary / things to do list? Some, but not really. The trip is chasing the will o’ the wisp. I do have commitments to be in some places. This helps to make the trip safer for me. I will be making another post about some of the things that I plan to do during the trip.