2nd Annual Mind’s Eye Writers Retreat


Photo: Workshop leaders Rob Ritchie and John Brownlow with the Mind’s Eye Writers’ Retreat participants.

I just returned from a weekend of learning, fun, writing, creativity, scotch and great food with old friends and new. When my friend Lori and I reached Purple Valley, we were greeted by the McIvor House hosts, Jeremy and Tonya Miller. I had my first taste of scotch from a quaich, very cool!

The sessions presented by Rob Ritchie and John Brownlow were detailed and enlightening. Both are very knowledgeable about the writing industry and their own genres. We learned a lot,

it was rewarding to spend time with other writers. The goodwill, humour, shared interests and support from everyone made the weekend fun and invigorating, I left the retreat rested, restored, reflective and ready to write, I seemed to have contracted a mild case of alliteration.

Hosts Jeremy and Tonya Miller of McIvor House outdid themselves. Wonderful meals all day! The food will be remembered and raved about forever. Tutterbarts for everyone!

Let us gather the last weekend of February next year and do it all again. Keep February 22-24 open for the 3rd annual Mind’s Eye Writers’ Retreat.

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