MotW – Death at a Funeral


Tagline: From director Frank Oz comes the story of a family that puts the F U in funeral.

Death at a Funeral is a favourite film in our family. It is a wonderful farce. There is a 2010 American remake but we prefer the original 2007 British verion. The humour is dry, rude and hillarious. The whole cast is brilliant, but Alan Tudyk’s Simon is exceptionally funny.

We have a family joke because we have tended to tell others about it and given a disclaimer that the movie is a great family movie, extremely funny, but there is lots of profanity, bathroom humour, drugs, nudity and gay midget sex. We highly recommend it.

Here is the IMDb entry. If you haven’t seen Death at a Funeral, set aside ninety minutes. The time is well worth it.




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