More Magic This Year

“Learn as much as you can, as widely as you can, for the joy of it, for the sheer sake of learning. Seek excellence in your own work and also in the people with whom you surround yourself. Seek mentors.” – Jamy Ian Swiss

Jamy Ian Swiss

It have some learning goals for 2018. I want to spend more time on my magical studies. The quote above is part of a Q and A with magician Jamy Ian Swiss. He recommends Books Every Magician Should Read in this article at Definitely, some for me to seek out. One of the things that I am doing is orgazinzing and cataloging my magic collection. I find it very relaxing to spend time this way. A librarian at work and a librarian at home.

The pic above is from a visit on Craig Ferguson on December 15, 2010. Here is the clip: I am fascinated by magic that is performed with playing cards. Time to read and practise.




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