MotW – Aloha Bobby & Rose


Today’s movie is the first of 52 that I decided to examine.  At first, I thought I would do them in alphabetical order so Aloha Bobby and Rose happens to come first. I will do randomize the order of the rest.

When Aloha Bobby and Rose was released in 1975, I was nine years old. It was a movie that my mother and soon to be stepfather went to see on a date. They liked it. Later, us kids got to see it with them at a drive-in theatre which was probably one of the ones on the outskirts of Toronto.

Aloha Bobby and Rose is one of the first movies that I remember seeing. I still can visualize the robbery scene. I have incorporated the wrong person in the wrong place theme into my own writing as riffs from this concept that I first saw in Aloha Bobby and Rose.

Both Diane Hull and Paul Le Mat are still acting. Dianne is an accomplished acting coach! The movie was made on a $60,000 budget and grossed over 35 million in the United States.

The songs were the ones that were on the radio in the mid seventies (lots of Elton John) and I still enjoy listening to many of them today.

  1. “Begin the Beguine” – Artie Shaw
  2. “First Impression – Part 2” – Emerson Lake and Palmer
  3. “What Does It Take to Win Your Love” – Jr. Walker and The All Stars
  4. “Just My Imagination” – The Temptations
  5. “Locomotion” – Little Eva
  6. “Smiling Faces” – The Undisputed Truth
  7. “Bennie and the Jets” – Elton John (uncredited)
  8. “Since I Fell for You” – Lenny Welch (uncredited)
  9. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” – Stevie Wonder (uncredited)
  10. “Your Song” – Elton John (uncredited)
  11. “Tiny Dancer” –  Elton John (uncredited)
  12. “Honky Cat” – Elton John (uncredited)
  13. “Like a Rolling Stone” – Bob Dylan (uncredited)

Here’s the trailer.

Richard Brody provides a review on video here. His article at New Yorker can be found here and it includes the video review as well. The IMDb information is here.

Here’s a review from the Eclectic Screening Room.

Some have said that the 68 Camaro is the best car portrayed in a movie ever.


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