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The Die Is Cast

August 23, 2017

THE DIE IS CASTSome people have expressed interest in reading one of my 3 Day Novels. If you are so inclined, I have loaded my first story on Wattpad…

I hope that you find it enjoyable

If you would like to help me participate in this year’s Writing Marathon, please consider making a pledge at

Thank you!

2017 Grey Bruce Writing Marathon

August 23, 2017


This year has just raised ahead. It is hard to believe that it is already late August. This is my first post since January. Yikes.

It is that time again – The Grey Bruce Writing Marathon begins on Thursday.

Destination: The Predestination Portal

This year I will be writing about a topic that has interested me for many years… time travel. There will be humorous hijinks and hilarious happenings. Because it is a story about time travel, some of the events have already happened.

Your pledge would be greatly appreciated. It would help me through those long hours of staring at my computer screen, typing endlessly. (Yes, I know it is only three days, but writers are allowed to exaggerate.) Knowing you responded to this request with some gentle words and a financial contribution for the Adult Learning Centre would help me battle the writing demons, vanquish writer’s block and prevail.

Interested in making a pledge…

Thank you!