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Happy Thanksgiving

October 9, 2016


Over the years, Emily and I spent many holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) in Guelph. There was often a big dinner at Emily’s grandmother’s and mom’s place. Emily’s uncle and his family would always be there. Some of Emily’s grandmother’s siblings and their children would also be there. There would be between a dozen and two-dozen people celebrating the holiday together.

Emily’s grandmother would roast the turkey and one of the ways that Emily would help was to make the gravy. In 1993, we didn’t head down to Guelph for Thanksgiving because we were at the Markdale hospital welcoming Hannah’s arrival.

In Guelph, Emily’s grandmother Marg was fussing away in the kitchen on the Thanksgiving dinner. Her sister Marion was helping and took on the saucier duties. Marion opened the flour canister and slowly started stirring in spoonfuls to thicken the gravy which seemed to take too long since there were many other tasks needed to be done in the small kitchen. The rolls were heated, the vegetables plated, the turkey carved, dinner was served.

Everyone settled at the table and began passing the food. As they were eating, someone commented that the gravy tasted off. It was too sweet. That’s when they realized that Aunt Marion had missed the flour and used icing sugar instead. Emily’s uncle is often a man of few words. He looked up from the meal, smiled and said, “Turkey Fudge.”

That story has been shared at every family turkey meal since. Happy Thanksgiving!