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Crystal Solstice Scotch Skull

March 20, 2016

Crystal Solstice Scotch Skull

I now have in my possession… a crystal skull!

A few years ago, I obtained my first bottle of Aberlour A’bunadh after discovering it at a scotch tasting which was a fundraiser for the local highland dance group. My bottle was from batch 14 (59.5%) Over the years, as the bottle’s contents diminished, I realized that eventually the bottle would be empty.

I began to think of a way to pay homage to the scotch in my life. I wanted a way to remember not only the bottle, but the memories of good times with friends and loved ones. Sometimes I have gained a bottle of scotch to mark a special occasion. As I mused about this,  I came upon a wonderful solution. I would blend my own special reserve bottle of scotch. Finding out about the crystal skull bottle made me decide to immerse myself in this nostalgic enterprise.

I purchased the skull on the night / morning of the lunar eclipse which occurred on Solstice. A week later, with the kind efforts of good friends, the bottle was emptied of its contents, rinsed, and made ready for its new purpose.

We poured a shot and a half of an 16 year old Lagavulin that had journeyed from Alberta. Then we added a shot of Ballantine’s blend that had been set aside by friends because we didn’t want the Lagavulin to be lonely or pretentious in its singularity. Upon returning home, I gave the ounce of  A’bunadh to the skull. Teacher’s Highland Malt was the first scotch that I drank, so I fed the skull a healthy two ounces in recognition of the roads traveled. Lastly, I added an ounce of a 14 year old Oban which was a gift from coworkers when I won the Canada Post award. My brother and I took a similar bottle with us on our Algonquin Park canoe trip.

Now those initial scotches will blend in the skull and over time, I will slowly add final drops of other scotches, giving the skull little sips of adventures and memories. Special occasions may warrant small additions, as well. In homeopathic medicine, molecules always remain in the dilute so the skull may always contain molecules of the original bottles of scotch. It is my magical pensieve.

So friends… I look forward to times when together we can share fun, laughter and memories while sipping from the crystal solstice scotch skull.