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February 21, 2016

This image is fairly similar to the one that I used on the identity collage that I posted in January. PFTC means ‘peeled from the collage’. Every so often, I am going to write about one of the images that I used in the collage.

The image is a reminder to me that I want to blog regularly. Scattered across the internet are a few different blogs and websites that I started for different work, school and personal reasons. Most have dwindled away. Some served their purpose such as Catching the Nine O’ Clock Rainbow which was my very first blog. I created it as a work activity during four months in 2007.  We tried out a variety of online sites and applications and then wrote about them in our own personal blogs. In the blog, I wrote about wanting to continue it after the work assignment but then I posted about the death of our dog, Rags.  It was hard to go back to the blog for quite a while after that post. Many of the links throughout the blog are now broken. However, some of the content may be things that I write more about here on this new blog.

So here I am, over six years later, after a few false starts, returning to regular blogging. My commitment is to posting at a minimum of once a week. I hope to average a blog post every three days. Let’s see how I do.